Shine On...

Taking a look at all the ways we can nurture our bodies and minds.

Emotional and Disordered Eating

Emotional and Disordered Eating There are a lot of reasons we get into the pattern of overeating and emotional or binge eating. I want to understand your experience. And I come from the place of ‘there’s a good reason you do the things you do’;... read more

Reflections On A Year

“So this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun.” John Lennon The winter solstice and last weeks of 2022 may evoke many thoughts or feelings and perhaps reflection of how and who and what you have been this year. And maybe you... read more

Proactive Practice

In recent conversations with clients, I have become curious about something. There seems to be a perception that we don’t need to nurture ourselves or proactively do things that help our mental health or nervous system regulation. We should just be ok. So the... read more

Created for Connection

Recently on a cold, wet and snowy day, my little Westie, Winnie, came running inside to find me. I was busy but she wanted to be as close to me as possible. She scooted as close as she could, with her cute little face as if saying please pet me, cuddle me, see me. The... read more

A Hard Place To Be

This is hard. Waiting, continuing to live through changes, to be on this healing journey. It is hard to be here with so much unknown, wanting to have answers, to be done with the hard part. On this day early in March, I think of the daffodils. They have done a lot of... read more

Developing a Flexible Response to Change

Life is not perfect or static. It changes and that means you may have to change too. More flexible perspective may help you adapt to the changes. I was doing pretty well with my eating and exercise and finding a bit more balance with work and time to... read more

Reduce Stress Simply

Want a simple method to reduce stress and help you think more clearly? Relax the muscle tension in your body. Simple. Let me explain. When we perceive threat- whether the ‘I will be late!’, ‘There’s too much to do.’ type of threat or the ‘There’s a car slamming it’s... read more

Anxiety: Risk or Resources?

Think of a time when you were anxious recently. What did you feel in your body? Tightness, your stomach flip flopping, quickening breath? Did you have a thought about these physical symptoms, like ‘this is terrible, this feeling won’t go away, I can’t stand this,... read more

Perfect Christmas?

A friend and I recently shared our experiences of decorating the Christmas tree this year. She shared how stressful it was. It was an ordeal to put the lights on the right way, yelling and blaming were involved. I know that scene all to well from my past experiences.... read more

Your Thought Maybe True, But Is It Helpful?

Part of the work I do with clients is to help them evaluate their thinking to see if it’s realistic and helpful. We look at the evidence to see how true a thought is and often discover that the most upsetting thoughts are not 100% true. Then, based on the evidence, we... read more

Together we will restore your balance and help you shine!