Betsy Clark

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1998
  • Completion of Emotionally Focused Therapy training Externship and Core Skills
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Advanced training in Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy, Level 1 and 2, and Trauma
  • Training at Beck Institute in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for depression, anxiety and weight loss
  • Certified Safe and Sound Protocol provider, including training in polyvagal theory in therapy
  • Private practice working with individuals and teens since 2016

I am a licensed clinical social worker with experience in the public schools, residential and day treatment, and nonprofits. I have worked with adults, adolescents, children, families and groups in a variety of settings providing counseling, education and training. I am highly skilled at connecting with my clients and supporting them as they take steps to create positive change.

What I Believe

I believe in healing and wholeness and in liberating ourselves from our pasts.

I believe it is possible to create secure attachments- with ourselves and others, and I know that this felt sense of security is where true confidence and flexibility and vibrant living originate.

I believe the pain of feeling alone, disconnected, not ‘gotten’, not good enough, rejected is valid, real and terrifying.

I believe we all get stuck and do all sorts of things to avoid feeling this pain or to try to get our unmet needs met.

I believe in the safe haven of a genuine therapeutic relationship to help heal, regulate, make sense of your experience and that it gives you the strength and courage to take a new step and to soothe your pain.

I believe it is possible to know yourself, to listen to your deepest intention, to tune into what your body is telling you, to be mindful of your thoughts, to be with your emotions… to know yourself and embrace all of you.

I believe that you have a strong, resourceful, capable part that may be overshadowed.

I believe in the effects of trauma: how our bodies hold onto it and it changes our brains. And I believe it is possible to understand these impacts without shame and to resolve them.

I believe it is possible to repair the lasting impacts of dysregulation, poor attachment and trauma by using neuroscience, mindful compassion, and your inner resources to create new neural pathways- of strength, hope and connection.

I DON’T believe you are broken or not good enough, I believe you are stuck trying to cope the best way you can.

AND I DO believe it is possible to heal! Are you ready?