Individual Therapy

Clients come to me feeling stuck, alone, scared, insecure and overwhelmed. Many have attachment wounds that have left them feeling not good enough and unlovable.

I provide compassionate, focused, trauma informed and attachment based emotionally focused individual therapy to regulate and heal your hurt and create secure attachments- with yourself and others. I am now offering EMDR therapy to effectively resolve deeply held pain and trauma.

My clients walk away from me with more confidence, more clarity of who they are and what they need, more deeply attached in healthy relationships, with more ease and balance in life, with a sense of possibility and hope and more able to face life’s challenges.

Vulnerability is a part of life- fear, overwhelm, sadness, grief, anger, stress. And we all do things to try to cope with this vulnerability.

I think you make a lot of sense and that your feelings, your behaviors or reactions, the thoughts that go through your head… they make sense. Attachment Theory tells us that we need to feel safe and connected and a sense of belonging for true wellness and security. If we don’t, well then we do a all sorts of things to cope with this pain.

Things that you might be doing to cope:

  • Overworking, striving for perfection
  • Arguing or being demanding in relationships
  • Excessively worrying
  • Isolating yourself, avoiding close relationships
  • Numbing out
  • Judging yourself or others
  • Trying to control
  • People pleasing
  • Over-consuming- food, alcohol, substances, ‘things’

Emotionally focused individual therapy gives us a way to safely feel the fear, overwhelm, sadness and to make sense of it and regulate it. I walk with you into your experience to explore what happens and to make sense of it. In the safety of our therapeutic relationship, we can start to feel some of the frightening, vulnerable emotions. Sometimes, we go slow. There is a lot happening in our minds, bodies, nervous systems and it can feel overwhelming, confusing, automatic and chaotic. But together we can understand what your emotions are telling you, how you get stuck trying to cope with them and make sense of what you need. You start to cope in new ways, to find more adaptive ways to get what you need. And after the vulnerable, hurt places are tended to, then you will feel more whole and confident.. these hurt places won’t be causing so much reaction.

“In order to change you need to open yourself to your inner experience.” (p. 210 The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk)


Areas of Treatment Include:




Emotional or Disordered Eating

Life Transitions



Relationship Conflicts

Complex or Relational Trauma

Attachment Injuries



What clients have said about working with me:

“This is the most productive therapy I have ever had.”

“To be so genuinely validated by you feels so different and eases my pain.”

“I feel like my calm self is more present and my anxious self is less present.”

“I feel safe and know I am not alone anymore.”