Lifestyle Modification Counseling and Acupuncture Package: A Holistic Approach to Creating Healthy Changes

Get the most out of your summer with more energy and vitality… With more fun and less concern about your appearance…. With more confidence that you know what to do to be at your best so you feel great! Give yourself the tools to effectively start and maintain a healthy lifestyle change, weight loss or new physical activity plan, with 4 sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy with Betsy Clark of Shine Integrated Therapy and 4 sessions of acupuncture with Joanne Trujillo Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture.

Shine will help you to learn the skills you need to start and stick with healthy eating and physical activity with cognitive behavioral therapy to:

  • Set a specific goal and uncover your true motivation for making a change
  • Create the time and energy needed for your new healthy behavior
  • Develop a specific plan for healthy eating and increasing physical activity
  • Learn how to change your thinking so that you are not sabotaging yourself
  • Discover how to respond to cravings or to exercise even when you don’t feel like it.

Joanne will help you to prime your body for greater health and wellness with acupuncture for detox and metabolism boosting. Through a series of acupuncture sessions, you can enjoy the following results:

  • Detoxifications at both the organ and cellular level
  • Streamlined digestion resulting in metabolic boost
  • Elimination of excess water
  • Balanced blood sugar to reduce cravings
  • Clearer thinking and memory
  • Increased energy
  • Custom herbal prescriptions to aid your specific issues

Plus if you really want to kick your weight loss and detox into high, you will have the option of participating in a 10 day detoxification program with a Metagenics medical food grade supplement program.

The total 8 session package costs $500 or $62.50 per session, a significant savings. And you are eligible for a reduced rate for follow up sessions with each provider.  For more info contact Betsy 303-455-2409 or [email protected] or