Why do you want to lose weight? That may sound like a stupid question, but ask yourself, what will losing weight do for me, how do I expect weight loss to impact my life? Do you hope it will help you prevent a heart attack, or make it easier to find a mate? Those desires are your real goal, weight loss is part of the issue. Losing weight is a very complex matter, which is not simply solved by just eating less or taking some magic supplement. Shine will integrate therapy, behavior and lifestyle change and exercise to assist you to becoming more healthy.

How you think about yourself, your eating, and exercise will affect how easily you can make lifestyle changes. We will explore the thoughts you have around the weight loss struggle including eating, your body image and emotional eating. And, you will learn to balance these thoughts so that you are not sabotaging yourself. The simple act of self-monitoring your eating has a huge impact on how successful you are at maintaining weight loss. You will learn how to set realistic goals, monitor your eating, make changes so that you have time for healthy eating and exercise, mindful eating and coping skills to adjust to this new lifestyle.

And, we will get you moving with exercise and increasing your physical activity during the day. Exercise is one of the best predictors of weight maintenance. 90% of people who have lost weight and kept it off exercise three times a week.

We will support you as you begin this new lifestyle and teach you the skills you need to maintain a healthy way of life. Call 303-949-9539 for a phone consultation.