Safe and Sound Protocol

I am a Safe and Sound Protocol provider. SSP Is a noninvasive listening application of the Polyvagal Theory shown to regulate the autonomic nervous system to help you regulate your emotions, build resilience, think more clearly, and connect more easily. It can be used in our therapy or as a stand alone treatment for some clients.

The SSP is vocal music that has been filtered to send signals of soothing and safety that trains the ear (and therefore the vagus nerve) to be able to pick up more cues of safety and to be less sensitive to cues of danger. Our autonomic nervous system is always picking up cues of safety or danger, in order to keep us safe. This is done without our conscious awareness. And sometimes it gets stuck in the state of fight or flight or freeze and has a hard time returning to the ventral vagal state of safety and connection, especially¬† if we have had chronic stress or traumatic experiences. The SSP ‘retunes’ the nervous system to a sense of safety, making it easier for our nervous system to return to calm. When we perceive cues of safety, we feel safer enhancing our ability to interact socially, learn, focus, self regulate and engage in life more fully.

SSP can benefit individuals with:

  • Anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep issues
  • Gut issues
  • Inattention
  • Auditory sensitivity, misophonia
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Reactivity, anger

Contact me to see if the SSP is appropriate for you. Usually I integrate it into our therapy work. We can discuss the use of SSP without therapy.