Individual Therapy

Therapy is a relationship built on empathy, trust and compassion. It’s a safe place to be heard and understood so you can gain awareness, relief, confidence, and hope. By improving your moods, learning to evaluate your thinking and finding solutions you can have greater quality of life. I use research proven therapy methods such as solution focused and cognitive behavioral therapy to give you the tools and skills you need to facilitate lasting change. You will be empowered with the skills and strength to take steps towards your goals. You will be supported as you create greater wellness and life balance.

I offer individual cognitive therapy for adults and adolescents to help manage moods, increase self-esteem, deal with life transitions, and resolve conflicts. I can help you resolve issues related to depression, anxiety, stress and emotional or disordered eating. Therapy may include mindfulness, exercise, mindful eating, or behavioral experiments to assist you in discovering new ways to regulate your moods, reduce stress and create greater awareness and well being.

We also offer lifestyle modification and weight loss counseling. If you are stuck trying to make lifestyle changes so that you can be healthier or lose weight, I can assist you in creating a goal, a plan and with the skills to overcome the barriers to creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness Programs

Preschoolers need regular, planned physical  activities to support healthy development. Shine Fitness Preschool Classes are designed just for 3 – 5 year olds to get them moving, learning and having fun with:
MUSIC… Obstacle Courses… DANCING… Running, jumping, galloping… Pretending to be cars, planes, firetrucks… Balancing… Sports Skills like throwing and catching… Games… Using our muscles to grow strong and healthy! My goal is to have the children moving as much as possible throughout the class.

Classes are generally 45 minutes in length. Parents are welcome to participate with children or drop off kids who are able to do the class on their own. Currently enrolling for a Tuesday morning class starting in January held in Northwest Denver at 41st and Tennyson St. To get more information or to register for the preschool fitness class, please call or fill out form on the Contact Us page.

School Programs

Shine is currently teaching fitness breaks at a local Denver elementary school. Once a week each class gets a short break from academics for physical activity in addition to their physical education classes and recess. Students participate at their ability level in games incorporating cardiovascular activity, calisthenics, strengthening and coordination activities. The goal for the breaks is to get each student moving so that they get part of the daily recommended 60 minutes of physical activity, and prime their brains for focusing and taking in new information when they return to the classroom.

Shine has also taught after school fitness classes for elementary schools. To get more information about after school fitness classes or to arrange one at your school please call or fill out the form on the Contact page.

What kids, parents and teachers say about Shine Fitness for kids:

“This is my kids’ favorite class!” Mom of twins in the preschool fitness class

“I love doing fitness with Ms. Betsy. We exercise, but it’s like we are playing a game and we don’t even notice that we are working out.” 2nd Grader participating in fitness breaks

“My students love the fitness breaks and are much better behaved after we exercise with you!” 4th Grade teacher at Brown Elementary